Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

How has it been literally an entire month since I've updated my blog? I'm stinking at this whole "I'll update the blog more often" resolution. I have a big update with photos, but don't have time for that now, just as a teaser in includes the patio/deck that we built ourselves, our home improvement updates, my new vegetable and herb garden, and my trip to Orlando with Morgan to see Justin. So delightful! Well, the Orlando trip won't be updated until I get the pics from Justin or Morgan, who seem to be taking their sweet time getting the pics to me. Also, you might remember I'm still waiting to get pics from Annie from our trip to the rodeo in January (Annie, feel the pressure yet?)! This exciting update has no pictures, but BIG NEWS! My mom and dad bought a house in Fort Worth!!!!!!!!!!! It is less than 15 minutes from our house, and I couldn't be more excited! Their house in Lubbock sold in less than 10 days on the market! Shocking. Their house in LBK is awesome, we just weren't prepared for it sell so quickly. So, they had to move quickly to find a house, but they landed on the right one here!! So fun! I seriously cannot wait for my parents to move here so we can all hang out. My parents rock. I'll update with pictures soon. P.S. Andrew's aunt Julie is coming over for a Happy Hour today, she and her hubs (Andrew's uncle, duh) came last week and we had so much fun! She is a super cool lady!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

International Night!

Alright - so this is a pre-post, we'll see how the post-post goes....

Andrew is in training right now for an airplane he has flown for over a year now - kind of ridiculous, but whatevs b/c that means he is home every night for dinner with your's truly! Anyway - he has befriended the 3 other guys in training with him for the past week - especially this guy Mathias from Germany. Well, a few days ago Mathias brought Andrew some cigars b/c they had talked about today Andrew brought Mathias a bottle of Llano Cabernet Shiraz (our go-to). Mathias loved it - mentioned that all guys should come to his hotel to try the wine tonight since they ended ground training today. My husband gives me a call to see if he can just invite them all over for dinner at our house, of course I said yes, so we are now roped in for a steak night for 7!

I'm sure some of you are doing the math, and 3 plus Andrew, plus me does not 7 make. Well, we had invited our friend Dick who invited his friend Armando over too. So - looks like I'm the only hen in the house tonight with an international schmorgasboard of men. Andrew - we know where he's from, Dick's from here too, but Armando (Mexico), Zach (Kansas City Missouri), Mathias (Germany) and Rayner (Guatamala). Let's hope everyone eats STEAK and drinks wine b/c that's about all we have tonight!!! I'll let you know how it goes - menu below!

Apps - assorted cheeses, crudites, etc.
Salad - brussel sprout, arugula and endive salad. Sounds weird, but get over it, it's delicious and I'm asked for the recipe everytime I make it!
Entree - Steakhouse Ribeyes, sweet corn lasagna (it's Giada's recipe, also incredible)
Dessert - some chocolate deliciousness that Dick is bringing and angel food cake.

Mouth watering yet? Let's see how this goes - hopefully people don't go back to their hometown talking about how horrible the food is in FW!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Movin on the East Side!

Well, I've been waiting to receive photos from sweet Annie from our awesome outing at the Austin rodeo. Her and Austin say they read this blog, so maybe this will peer pressure them to send them this way and I can get going on a blog about the FW rodeo last weekend!

In the meantime - I had a wonderful weekend this weekend in Fort Worth! My parents came in from Lubbuttocks on Thursday night to spend the weekend and look for houses in FW. HURRAH! Kindyle, because she's awesome, took the day Friday showing them around while I was kicking off an event at one of my schools. While they were tooling around cowtown, turns out they found a jewel! Yes, they found a house the really like - and it is only about 10 minutes from our house!!! I'm BEYOND excited, and they are thinking about putting in an offer on the house. It is awesome and it is on Mary's Creek - isn't that funny, our home is on Mary's Lane, and they have a house they like on Marys Creek! Gotta love the Mary's in cowtown! So, everyone keep fingers crossed that things work out - and that my parent's house in LBK sells. Anyone looking for a great house in LBK?

We also had fun just hanging out in Fort Worth! One fun thing - mom went with me to brunch this morning with cousins Becca, Jenny and their mom Tara. It was a BLAST! Becca and Jenny are Andrew's 3rd cousins or something like that, but we are all really close. We are secretly hoping our moms end up bffs b/c they both awesome. I think I've mentioned brunch at Taverna on here before, as it turns out the manager has now taken to hugging me when we come in. Score, it better get us some free stuff!! :) Gotta love a great weekend!

Also, tomorrow Andrew and I are going with Les and Kindyle to Nonna Tata's for Vday dinner!! I'm beyond excited! Nona's is one of my favs, but A kind of hates it....he loves it, just won't admit it. Anyway, Les pulled an impossible and got us reservations there a few weeks ago (I say impossible b/c it seats about 20 people and they don't take reservations) and I couldn't be more excited. I promised to bring a camera this time so this blog will actually have some appeal with pics and such!

Hope everyone has a happy vday!

P.S. I have some awesome schools that are doing Jump Rope for Heart, some of them are really low income and the kids try and raise $$ the best that they can, but can't always raise what they want to. If anyone wants to donate to the American Heart Association, let me know and I'll get you to donate through a kiddo that's really trying so they feel like they're making a difference. It means the world to them.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pantry Challenge Winner!

Booya pantry, I win! So, I am looking at what I can do for dinner tonight. After working out with my trainer and being home with the pups I really didn't feel like going out again to get something. So, that left it to take out or my pantry. Since I had pizza last night with Les and Kindyle, awesome time btw, I wasn't super for take out.

So, I had pasta, a can of diced tomotoes, mushrooms, goat cheese, wine and garlic. I made gnochi with tomato, mushroom and goat cheese sauce. With a side of green beans! And it is DELISH! Too bad I wasn't thinking it'd be that good, so I was paying too much attention to what I was putting in the mix. It is to die for! It's a shame Andrew's been on a trip all week, he would love himself some yummy gnocchi, he can have some when he gets home - if he's lucky!

Monday, January 24, 2011


So - I know that for many brunch is just a girls thing. It was for me forever actually - and occasionally the ladies will get together for a yummy brunch. However, the gals have been busy lately and otherwise engaged, BUT turns out I have a hubby who LOVES brunch. Yes, you read that right, Andrew LOVES brunch. What a lady. kidding.

We tend to go to Taverna for brunch, because it is just yummy and they have $1 bellini's and mimosas. I LOVE our brunches together, and lately we've been able to do brunch almost every Sunday for about a month. It is so much fun sitting with Andrew and our bellinis and just catching up. So lucky for that man! Also, the owner now knows us - so that's fun! So, if you have a hankering for some breakfast/lunch food on a Sunday, come to Taverna and join me and Andrew. I'll even splurge and buy you a $1 bellini, that's right - high roller!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two more - to tango!

Um, did I seriously forget in my top ten list of 2010 two of my favorite things that happened - yes. Do I have pictures of those two things - UM YEEEEEES! I also want to say, I just love Sara for commenting on the blog, it makes me feel like people read it - even if the people is just you, whatevs, you commented and I'm LOVING it! I'll get you pics of the things you wanted soon.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand - I forgot my 10 year high school reunion and Justin's visit from Orlando! What?!! How could I? I don't know, seriously, I don't. However, the forgetfulness to include the top 10 makes it where they each get a special note!
11. High school reunion - I was able to come home to Lubbock for an AMAZING high school reunion with my besties. Andrew had to fly, but let's be real honest, he wasn't heartbroken he didn't have to sit there and hear us tell stories about high school - never the less, he was missed by me! Anyway - the reunion part was fine, but the stellar part was hanging out with Tawny, Morgan, Justin and Whitney! We seriously transported back to the late 90's. It is such a blessing that I have been able to stay close to my high school friends, and I love that we have all grown into these adults, but when we get together we all melt into these little teenagers that thinking the weirdest things are funny! I seriously had an amazing group of friends in high school that help shape who I am today, and then to reconnect (Mo and Whit live in LBK, I live in FW, Tawny lives in LA, and Justin lives in Orlando) physically it was just unbeatable! I love it! Here are some pics!

Tawny, Reese(Justin's adorable niece) and I under our Top Plainsmen thingy Tawny and Morgan reliving Dance Gallery Days

The five of us at Manna - yum yum

We love each other
We love meeting our friends at Taco Villa
All of us hanging at the best winery ever - Llano Estacado!
Ok - then there was Justin's visit! What a delight! Justin has visited us twice since we've been married. This was his first time to see our house, and unfortunately Andrew had to fly almost the entire time he was here. Boo. But whatevs, we went to the botanical garden where Justin geeked out, and apparently the only place I took my camera. We had friends over for a pizza party dinner, then ended up going out to karaoke. Just so you know, I have a HUGE fear of singing in public, but for some reason when Justin is around, I'll do some karaoke. We may have been booed off the stage, but WHATEVS, we thought we rocked it! Justin also rode with me on my trips to schools one day, he was my good luck charm!
J and I at botanic gardens - there are a lot more of us seperately, but this is one of the only ones together! So there - it was also 108 that day, and I wanted to pass out. The things I do for plant boy.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Ok - after almost a year off, I'm back to the blogging world! I'm going to be much better in 2011, I just have a feeling! I'm sure the 3 people who read this are thrilled...well, if they even read it anymore! There is absolutely too much to catch up since I last blog, so I'll go from this point forward.

However, below is my top ten list of 2010
  1. Andrew and I bought our first home - yeah, it's awesome
  2. My cousin, who was diagnosed with stage 4 esophogial cancer and given a VERY grim diagnosis/prognosis has been getting some great news so far - he is actually doing an INCREDIBLE job thus far and is getting healthier by the day. Praise God!
  3. Mom, Dad, Andrew and I went to the wine country in October - it was absolutely AMAZING...there is no topping wine country in October! I just love the vacations we have been able to take with my parents - so fun!
  4. I have the most incredible job ever! No seriously. I LOVE working for the Heart Association, love being in schools and love my coworkers
  5. On the same note - I had a summer-esq vacation due to said job - holla!
  6. Andrew is doing a phenomenal job at Executive Air Share, and he even got promoted to Pilot in Command - I've got a HOT pilot husband - holla!
  7. My parents told me they are going to look for houses in Fort Worth - wahoooooo!
  8. I lost 10 lbs in 2010, and going for WAY more in 2011
  9. I went to a Michael Buble concert with Michelle! OMG - seriously, how does he sound better live than on the cd?!?! AMAZING.
  10. Andrew and I have been able to completely remodel our office and our garage...I kind of feel like we should be on HGTV or something. I mean really, if you know someone there, you should probably let them know about us. haha.

Ok - miss catching yall up, miss catching up with yall. And I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!